• Kees Roelofsen

How long are you willing to wait?

What would you want if you could do everything, if you dared to do everything, and it succeeded? Would you be wealthy? Do you think you would be happy? How different would your life be?

Most likely, asking yourself these questions reveals that fear is holding you back. You are sabotaging yourself with self-doubt. Perhaps you think to yourself that it won't matter tomorrow because you still have all the time in the world.

Growing up, I lacked self-confidence, belief in myself, and optimism. Despite my efforts, I wasn't getting the results, relationships, or appreciation I was seeking. As I grew older, I began to educate myself. I began reading books, attending lectures, and seeking out coaches. I discovered, everything becomes difficult, even impossible, without self-confidence.

The quality of your thoughts, emotions, and actions is determined by your level of self-confidence. You determine your reality based on those three factors. Inherently, low self-confidence will negatively impact your happiness, career, and relationships. When you lack your own confidence, how can others have confidence in you?

As we now know, behavior is often learned and re-learned. The process of unlearning may not be easy, but many people have managed it successfully before.

You can influence your life by understanding that it is a result, a sum, of everything that has come before it. First, you must acknowledge that there is a problem; without acknowledging that there is a problem, you cannot solve it.

Second, examine the beliefs you have built up over time and ask yourself whether they contribute to the problem. The importance of identifying cause and effect here is also crucial to avoiding endless struggle & frustration.

Your third and final step in achieving the desired outcome is aligning your emotions, thoughts, and actions. When you do this, it is only a matter of time and persistence.

The road to self-confidence is as long as you make it. It is a question of whether you have the courage to look yourself in the mirror honestly and recognize you need to change in order to face the future with greater confidence. If you don't live up to your potential now, when will you?

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